Monday, June 4, 2012

FRESH, NEW Blog!!!



My work here is dated, so you are welcome to peek around, but please join me over at the new blog, for new work!

My business and I have done a lot of growing in the last 3+ years, and so check us out both arms of my business on facebook:
Ticklebugs Photography :: Maternity, Child, Newborn, Family photography
Beloved | By Robyn Vining :: Engagement, Anniversary, & Wedding Photography

In the meantime, here are just some of the sessions soon to hit the NEW blog. I haven't blogged in YEARS, and am excited to be back! And when you compare how tiny these photos are, to the beautiful, new blog, I think you'll see why I switched!!! Hop on Over!!! I'll be posting sessions from the last 12 months, as I have time! And if you're looking to book, book ASAP. 2012 is almost COMPLETELY booked!

Sunday, April 22, 2012

Ticklebugs Photography's NEW blog!!!


And Yes, I never kept my promise to update the blog. To be a busy photographer is a gift, and one I don't take lightly, but it certainly hasn't allowed me time to update work.
BUT, I have a new one!
We're just getting started o'er there...once the new template is installed (mid to late May, likely), I'll be updating regularly.

And also, my online portfolio, also due for a May 2012 update.

Ticklebugs Photography
is busy as ever, updating sneak peeks and sometimes some finished products over at the facebook page (click). 

Beloved | By Robyn Vining
This year: Anniversary photography, Milwaukee engagement photography, Wauwatosa Weddings, Milwaukee Weddings, and this year I've added a Chicago wedding (13 hours after the Milwaukee wedding concludes...we're going to be busy this year, too!) 

The 2012 calendar is nearly full, so don't delay. I have 1-3 dates left in each month of 2012, and 2013 is booking for everything from maternity photography-newborn-family-weddings.

As usual, I will pop in a last minute small wedding any time I can, as I love those like mad.

I've also added birth photography this year, so we're having all kinds of fun. Weddings added last year, birth photography and actor head shots this year...we're covering the gamut, eh? We're having fun. It's good to be busy, and creative---pushing myself into new spheres in the art world. As a former painter, I love it. I love to constantly push myself to get not only better, but different. I like to evolve =)

Anywho, hop over... this blog is a sad case. Let's get out of here, eh? Hop over to another site, check me out, grab one of my final dates of 2012 or early dates for 2013.

XOXO Robyn

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

World Water Day {Milwaukee Area Photographers Celebrate!}

What causes this photographer to actually update her blog? Well, this: one of the most dire yet solvable issues in the world. And, as an added bonus, I'll introduce you to a photographer I hope to meet and travel with someday. I've got a thing for tents in third world countries, and I'm hoping to one day meet up with her and learn from one of the best.}

Ladies and Gentlemen: Where 10% of my earnings from Jan-March 2011 are going, and photography by Esther Havens...

Here is my story-
I remember the first time I heard about it- the thing I, prior to that moment, knew
nothing about.

I was barely a few paragraphs in when I knew I was reading something different, something life-changing...and then I realized if it was truly going to be life-changing, I was going to have to let it.

The words I was reading- the words that were peeling my very eyeballs back from my soul, were words of mothers who would look deep into their children's eyes and wonder whether to allow their children to continue to be dehydrated, or hikes miles upon miles for water, only to get home 6-8 hours later with water that may give their children worms or disease that will eventually kill them. Dehydrate their children for lack of water, or hike to feed them water that is dirty, diseased, full of death...prolonged death?

I remember thinking to myself--these are not choices!

But there was more.


This water is carried by mothers and their children---children who would be in school if not for fetching water, children who are giving up education to fetch this water, in a country where without an education, there is hardly any future beyond poverty ahead of them.

If, they had any life ahead of them at all.

Needless to say, I had very little left of myself by the time I finished those paragraphs, and I knew I had a decision to make:

Disregard what I had just learned, or change my life and tear after it?

Currently: 4,000 children die each day from lack of access to clean water. As a children's photographer, I've looked deep into a lot of eyes.
{I've found reason to tear after it.}
We've done a number of things over the past 5 years in our family since we learned of the dire circumstance of our fellow humans, but we're just beginning and trying to figure it out as we go---

We've tried to teach our kids about 1/6 of the world's need for clean water, traded out birthday party favors for donations to water charities, established business principles that sustain our family and families around the world at the same time, collected water on the kitchen counter when we run the faucet but there is waste, and carefully used that waste to challenge ourselves on what's it's like to live in excess of something that is in such dire need around the world, stocked my diaper bag full of this book, where for me, it had all begun...
The Water Chapter.
Each of us blogging today is hoping to get 10 donations of $20--I'll start, so we're now at 19: here is where you can go {CLICK} for your donation. It's safe & reputable- oh, and the video is super-cute. Check it our while you're there.

Hey-hey, let's go!

Let's set these people free!

Thursday, March 17, 2011

A Re-work in progress...

I'm reworking and restyling this blog, as soon as I get through a very busy winter!

I update more often on facebook {TicklebugsPhotography--I just started a new album there called, "Ticklebugs Classics", with high contrast black and white photographs and I'll keep that updated with nearly every session}, and hope to update the web site {for the first time in 11 months} as soon as I get a few moments!

It's been a busy year, and I apologize that I can't keep up with blogging, but these days I'm choosing between blogging and proofing, and I'm fairly certain you'd rather have proofs & prints turned around quickly than an updated blog? =)

But, I do have a post coming on Tuesday...and hopefully, a new format soon that doesn't take as long to post and enlarge photographs.

I'd also take a free intern if there's a high school student who'd like to update my blog for me on regular basis! =) I certainly would love to show finished, recent work, as that's not happening anywhere these days!

I am launching Senior Portraits off my Robyn Vining Photography, LLC arm of my business this spring/ summer, and picking up a few weddings- that's new! Those are both off the main arm of my business, and I'll make some announcements on that soon.

And, I have one other Big Announcement...but I want a new format before I make it. But, it's going to be fun. No one else is doing it, so I'm pretty excited! =)

See you Tuesday!

Friday, July 30, 2010


A Sneak Peek from this morning...
(Color Synched AdobeRGB...if you're on a mac on mac-color, these will be super bright!)

Friday, July 23, 2010

Free photographs this August-September!!!

For all print orders placed by all Ticklebugs Photography facebook fans in August-September, one free 8x10 or 8x12 (or, if you're more akin to the smaller guys, a 5x7 or 8 wallets is fine with me).

Here's the deal:
-Place a minimum print purchase order of $50 in August or September
-Get a free photograph.

Easy, huh?
That's my easy-breezey summer photography in milwaukee-wauwatosa-brookfield-etc summer special.

Because it's summer.
Summer is fun.
And so are free things.
Like, photographs.

Oh, and your photographs may be from past sessions or current sessions (no archiving fee!). And yes, if we shoot at the very end of September and you want to make sure you grab this deal, you get to be included, too. Just note that due to a busy October shooting schedule, your order might not be placed until November. But I'll still honor the deal.

Sunday, July 11, 2010

Maternity: Proof that you can still rock and S-Curve, baby in-tow.

(How cute is she?!!?!?)

It's been a busy June and early July. I'm finishing a month's worth of proofing this week and hope to toss some up here. But I thought I'd break quickly to share a fave from Friday (and maybe, in a minute, break so I can um, eat dinner at 10:05pm- kinda forgot about that, oops!).

All this pressure- I read an article today about how important it is to blog your work all the time. I had to laugh. Well, I thank those of you who are willing to employ me even though I am a terrible blogger.

My gratitude: extended.

Now, dinner. And I do hope to be back soon to post pics from the last 40 days... in no particular order =)

Wednesday, July 7, 2010

"Christmas in July"

Hi, I'm considering a mini-session in Frame Park in Waukesha (I don't usually go out there without travel fees) on Sunday, July 18th.

Family Special: $125, includes proofing on CD. 30 minute sessions.

I'll do this if there is enough demand. Please contact me if you're interested.

Call 414-581-0700
or email is available via the web site or facebook page (under info- see tab at right for link).

Thank you,
Robyn Vining

Friday, June 25, 2010

Wanna see a cute baby?

I know I've been terrible at updating this blog.
I apologize.
(I won't pretend to catch up. We all know that one. I'll just apologize. I do try to toss a thing or two onto facebook every once in a star for trying? :) Now, let me distract you with this cute baby...)

So, there ya go.
Cute Baby.
10 days-old.
Taken today.
Sneak Peak for the family. More to come (maybe not here, sorry, I'm trying to be realistic). Big brother was adorable, and the family was lots of fun, too! So, more to come (again, maybe here, maybe not).

Okay, I really do want to promise to try to do better here.
Believe in me.
It helps =)

Ticklebugs Photography

Welcome! Ticklebugs Photography is an offshoot of RobynBeckleyViningStudios. It's named after a fun family tradition started by my dad: Ticklebugs. You know when you're lying on the floor and think you've laughed the hardest you can laugh and then you see a big hand of wiggling fingers coming at you and someone saying, "Here comes the TICKELBUGS!"? Well, I personally don't like being tickled anymore, but my kids love it and the tradition has continued. This is a way to say thanks to my Dad and Mom for believing in me and helping me get my photography business started, and to my husband for continuing the tradition of (believing in me and) laughs and giggles and love with our own kids. I should note that signing up for a photoshoot with me does not mean you'll be tickled. Well, maybe...But I like life when you've laughed as hard as you think you can laugh, and then you laugh some more.  And I like to try to capture that kind of fun.

Stay tuned for group shoot locations and times (mini-sessions that save you money!). Located in the Milwaukee area.